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Lucien: Dragofin Mated Book #2 (A Dragon-Griffin Shifter Curvy Paranormal-Fantasy Romance Series)

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Lucien, Dragofin Mated: Book #2 of the Dragofin Clan Mated Dragon-Griffin Shifter Curvy Paranormal-Fantasy Romance Series

What happens when descendants of a wise protector planet of aliens, with the abilities to shift into dragons and gryphons live among us? You get some of the fiercest warriors and protectors who GUARD the Earth against evil aliens. Tasked with the charge to watch over Earth, protecting it from the would-be intruders of other evil aliens races, the Drake and Griffin brothers form the Dragofin Clan.

Drakes are dragon shifters, and Griffins are the rare gryphon shifters who fight alongside the dragons.

An ancient prophecy says that when the first Drake brother mates with an Earth-born woman, then the great battle will come. This will also usher in the time when all the guardians of the Earth will find and join with their mates to defeat that great uprising. Failure to and the Earth is destroyed.

Lucien is the first-born of the Drake brothers and is weary of all the fighting. When his youngest brother finds a mate, talk of the prophecy comes to light again. He’s never believed in the prophecy. How could he? Unable to touch the very beings he’s sworn to protect, a snowball in Hell has a better chance of surviving than his finding a mate. Plus, the prophecy said the first brother. He’s the first, and there’s no mate in sight.

Quinn Bradford is having a horrible new year. Faced with financial ruin and forced to rely on her best friend, she’s come to town to recoup stolen money and find fresh business clients. When she happens on a great gym with no members and a grouchy, mysterious owner, Quinn jumps at the chance to do business with him. That is until she realizes she’s hopeless to keep things professional.