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Mathias: Dragofin Mated, Book #3

Mathias: Dragofin Mated, Book #3 (A Dragon-Griffin Shifter Curvy Paranormal-Fantasy Romance Series)

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Mathias, Dragofin Mated: Book #3 of the Dragofin Clan Mated Dragon-Griffin Shifter Curvy Paranormal-Fantasy Romance Series

What happens when descendants of a wise protector planet of aliens, with the abilities to shift into Dragons and Gryphon live among us? You get some of the fiercest warriors and protectors who GUARD the Earth against evil aliens. Tasked with the charge to watch over Earth, protecting it from the would-be intruders of other nefarious aliens races, the Drake and Griffin brothers form the Dragofin Clan.

Drakes are dragon shifters, and Griffins are the rare Gryphon shifters who fight alongside the Dragons.

An ancient prophecy says that when the first Drake brother mates with an Earth-born woman, then the great battle will come. This will also usher in the time when all the guardians of the Earth will find and join with their mates to defeat that great uprising. Failure to and the Earth is destroyed.

Mathias (Matt) Griffin is a Gryphon warrior guardian, top fighting strategy trainer for the Dragofin Clan and head over heels for his newly met mate. Now, if only she’d get a clue!

Give him thousands of portal breaching alien parasites to fight over the torture of being this close to the one woman who gives him new life and strength. Matt has a lot of things on his plate. With the advent of the prophecy, an influx of activity had increased at the interdimensional portal the Dragofin are tasked with guarding. Every new assignment drains him more and more. The only way to refill and regain his strength is to mate with the only woman able to fulfill the calling of being his partner for the rest of their lives. How can he show her he wants her for her and not for what she thinks he needs in a mate–oh and help her get over a real fear of danger and death?

Wren Douglas is a baker. She’s also best friend to Quinn Bradford, soon to be Drake. Unlike her friend, Quinn, Wren loves her boring everyday normal life. The only problem? She’s gone and fallen in love with one the most dangerous members of the Dragofin Clan, one Mr. Mathias Griffin. He’s big, beautiful and bodacious in how he attacks life and danger. And, he frightens the holy heck out of her.

Wren couldn’t bear it if he rejected her, and that’s what would happen if he ever got a chance to know her without the exciting trappings of being around her adventure-seeking friend, Quinn. No, her life already has enough risks in it with how many times she handles a knife at her job every day. This girl ain’t about to take on unnecessary risk, fooling with Matt Griffin. It’s a surefire recipe for disaster and more danger!

Will Matt and Wren be able to not only fight powerful enemies but their internal demons as well? Watch what happens when life has different plans–all’s fair in love and war!